GEO Applications

GPS Functionality “Ready-to-go”

Based on the ISOcores, the GEOsuite contains all common GPS applications with section control, variable rate control as well as navigation and guidance, including a user interface and 3D mapping functions. This turns your terminal hardware into a fully-fledged ISOBUS terminal in next to no time.


Precision row-by-row section control and variable rate control, field boundaries and headland control, documentation


Everything from navigation for manual parallel driving to a guidance function with fully automated operation of the steering controllers

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The Advantages at a Glance

Extensive and Individual

The combination of the Server Core Suite and the GEO applications from LACOS enables the rapid integration of all ISOBUS functionalities, including a user interface with a high-performance and modern-looking mapping function, on any common terminal hardware platform. We can create a prototype with you within a matter of days and enable you to introduce series production for ISOBUS customers within only a few months.

  • The graphical user interface, which is already complete, can be adapted according to your requirements and CI guidelines.
  • To fulfil diverse requirements and the specific demands of various product lines, our GEOsuite:svc and GEOsuite:ng are each available in a standard edition and an advanced edition with different sets of features.
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Licensing and Services

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