31.10.2018 11:31

The ISOBUS Experts and BHTronik present ISOconnect at the DKE Agrirouter Event

On October 17 and 18, the first Agrirouter Event took place in Kiekeberg, near Hamburg.

Agricultural machinery manufacturers as well as providers of telemetry systems and farm management software met there to show how their machines, implements and programs can be connected via the Agrirouter. This system makes it possible to send data from the office and from the cloud to the machines in the field and back again. The farmer alone has the power to decide which data and information may flow where. 

Together with BHTronik, the ISOBUS experts at OSB AG have developed a telemetry box, the “ISOconnect”, that can be linked to a standardized interface on ISOBUS tractors as a retrofit solution. With the aid of the task controller function of this telemetry box, order data such as fertilizer or seed maps can be received, and the ISOBUS machine can thereby be controlled on the tractor. The work process is documented by the LOG function of the “ISOconnect”, with the data flowing back again to the farmer's management system. 

In Kiekeberg, the ISOBUS experts were able to demonstrate how ISOconnect links to the Agrirouter while working with the tractor-implement assembly in the field, thus enabling the machines to interface with any farm software application – provided this software has an Agrirouter connection and, of course, only as long as the farmer allows this to happen via the Agrirouter configuration tool. 

The ISOconnect telemetry box will be available in limited quantities for field testing by interested OEMs and agricultural dealers from the beginning of next year. The start of series production is then scheduled to take place in time for the Agritechnika 2019 fair.