ISOBUS Capability of HMI Terminals

Reference Project

CrossControl is a global provider of HMI display and control solutions, providing OEMs, System Suppliersand system integrators with freely programmable products. Together with its display hardware, CrossControl offers an open and modular software application platform, the LinX Software Suite.

The ISOBUS Experts have worked together with CrossControl to expand the LinX Software Suite, to include ISOBUS functionality and components. As a result, CrossControl is able to offer its customers a modular and multifunctional ISOBUS terminal platform where ISOBUS terminal and other HMI functionality can be seamlessly integrated in the same display hardware.

ISOBUS Capability for Operating Terminals and Software Platform


The project encompassed the integration of the Virtual Terminal (UT) and Task Controllers (TC-BAS, TC-GEO, TC-SC) in the LinX software suite.

Both tasks were solved efficiently and quickly thanks to the various ISOBUS software stacks and components from the ISOBUS Experts. The ISOcores: vt and ISOcores: tc modules from the server core suite of the ISOBUS Experts played a special role here. While ISOcores: vt provides the terminal with ISOBUS basic services for visualizing the implement operating masks, ISOcores: tc enables the processing of orders for section control, variable rate technology and data logging.

Furthermore, a GPS application was then also added to the systems. Thanks to the GEOsuite, the integration process was particularly efficient here, too.


Simple and efficient ISOBUS capability for diverse operating terminals thanks to the server core suite from the ISOBUS Experts


Customer hardware was enabled for the ISOBUS market (e.g. tractor manufacturers) through the integration of the ISOBUS Virtual Terminal and TaskController functions


Efficient addition of
GPS applications
with the help of the
GEOsuite software library


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