ISOBUS Capability of Control Devices and Development Software

Reference Project

TTControl is a joint venture between TTTech Computertechnik AG and HYDAC Electronic GmbH that specializes in the manufacture and sales of electronic control technology. HYDAC Software GmbH provides the development environment, MATCH, for projects with functional safety requirements, and develops software and systems for mobile machinery in customer projects.

In close collaboration, the ISOAgLib SE communication library developed by the ISOBUS Experts was integrated into control devices from TTControl and in the MATCH development tool.

ISOAgLib SE Integration for Hardware and Software


When ISOAgLib SE was developed in 2017 and initially certified according to ISO 25119, this new ISOBUS stack was integrated for the first time in the control device hardware of TTControl. What is special about ISOAgLib SE is that the ISOBUS software library is “functional safety ready”, meaning that it already meets the continuously increasing functional safety requirements.

TTControl has been using ISOAgLib for all ISOBUS customer projects ever since. The various control devices of TTControl with the ISOAgLib SE are distributed worldwide via HYDAC for a wide variety of ISOBUS applications.

ISOAgLib SE was also integrated into the development environment for MATCH agricultural engineering control software of the company HYDAC Software. In this way, ISOBUS applications can also be developed with MATCH and used on HYDAC / TTControl hardware that needs to meet the functional safety requirements of ISO 25119.


Efficient ISOBUS capability of control device hardware


Successful integration of the ISOBUS stack in the existing MATCH development environment


Future-proof fulfilment of functional safety requirements according to ISO 25119 thanks to the ISOBUS stack, ISOAgLib SE


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